Remember high school geometry? By viewing data on x, y and z axis, you could envision a three dimensional figure on a two dimensional page. 3D Family Tree uses the same principal to turn your existing family tree into a 3-dimensional tree, tracking siblings on the x axis, generations on the y axis and marriages on the z axis.

Entries are color coded, and additional data like significant dates and subsequent marriages and step children can be seen.

You do not have to retype any family tree data. Our program will import your existing genealogy data into 3D Family Tree. The features allow you to zoom in on particular areas or zoom out to look at larger views. You can rotate the tree to view relationships and patterns in a number of unique and illuminating ways.

More features:

  • Choose the personal data you want to see
  • Choose the number of generations you want to see
  • Choose the individual ancestor to begin your chart with each time you view
  • Choose the type of chart: Ancestor , Descendant or All-in-One (bloodline)
  • Options allow you to link children with paternal or maternal line
3D Family Tree is a unique add on-software that works with any family tree software that can save or export data in the GEDCOM format. This format is a data transfer standard in the industry. Many programs including Family Tree Maker, Generations, Legacy Family Tree, Ancestral Quest, Family Origins, The Master Genealogist, Ultimate Family Tree and Brothers Keeper.





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