Version 1.1.5. The MS Agent software checking and upgrade information has been updated.

Version 1.1 is released! All current owners get a free upgrade. The new features in this version includes, improved movement commands (check out the See It! page for new screen shots), a help genie and more reliable component checking and upgrade information.

3D Family Tree is released! The software is now available for purchase. Get this amazing product and be the first to show up your friends and fellow genealogists.

The product now runs solid. Two new options have been added; choose the background color and a scaling feature lets you choose how to spread out the graph. The help screens are currently being created and we intend to release the software on May 1st. A new beta version and for sure the last, will be available on 4/20/2000. Test it while you can!!!!

The new Beta site has been designed today. Also, the E-commerce store contract has been signed.

Version 0.97.001 has been released. This is the first copy of the program that has the All-in-one Tree. You can also choose the personal data you want to see in the graph. Now, you can use the mouse to change the angle of the camera.

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